You love riding? You love to explore the world in your motorcycle but you have limited ideas, information and most importantly the courage on how to secure that dream you being dreaming of?  Well Ride Sikkim Festival is one platform to get the best of all the information, get the desired knowledge and yes make new friends from across the world who comes to participate in this event.


Here we are invite riders after proper screening and cross check : Riders who have done exceptional rides around the world/ within India and cross continents. Our intentions are purely to motivate our young generation travellers, riders who dreams of travel to their dream destination around the world and get the much needed push!

Workshop :

Know your machine(Baby): 
Handling bike repairs by accredited technical engineers.

Medical Emergencies (Safety) :

A Doctor Who rides is there to explain the dos and don’ts and how you can take care of securing yourself from any medical emergencies 

Special Speakers:

Sharing of knowledge of their travel on how they achieved and celebrate their stories with inspiration to get bucket list ticked. Information in terms of costings / international permits / knowledge sharing stories! 

Unplugged Jam session :

Without music life is dull and we cannot live without it. So we always invite well known  bands followed with our local stars providing them the much needed opportunity to showcase their talents. 

Pitch your own tent:

Make a room for yourself among your friends and enjoy the evening under the million stars with the soulful music in the background and a beautiful horizons across the ridge.



The High Mountain get Together
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