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We are a professional motorcycle touring and bike rentals company based in Sikkim providing exceptional service when it comes to adventure tourism. We organise custom made bike tours within Sikkim and Bhutan

Our team is backed by experienced individuals having an in depth knowledge of the land, culture and people. Our experiences over many years have given opportunity to serve various kind of travellers from a novice travellers to an experience lot, from national to international clients. So we are an expert in designing imaginary itineraries that stirs the imagination as you are introduced to the history, the natural beauty and the best of good roads and off roads as most of our tours are designed based on clients search for adventure. We have touch points all over Sikkim and we know where you will find your inner peace during the course of your journey. 
We have a full fleet of motorbikes ready for rental disposal for tours but Hey! We don’t mind if you wish to get your own bikes, as long as you love to travel. Our Multilingual staff teams are an important component to assure sincere hospitality and service. Our safety support systems are also carefully prepared to ensure full safety all throughout the tour. 
So let’s ride and explore this  beautiful Himalayan Kingdom! 

our tours

the high mountain get together

8 day tour


The road up to the mountains, mixed with adventure of a lifetime. Travel across the century old North Sikkim roads and enjoy the beauty of the mountains and witness the grandeur of nature in your lap while you ride through the high pine forest and the mountain creeks. Be ready to witness the high Himalayan peaks on the horizon and push you through the last Tibetan plateau of Sikkim Border en-route to Gurudongmar Lake. 17800 ft.

The Mystics of Dzongu

7 day tour


If you are an adventure lover added with curiosity to learn more about culture & nature, this is the tour designed for adventure seekers who loves to experience something new in their life. Meeting the last protected tribes, understanding their way of life & habits. If you wish to be among the nature with no one to disturb you expect for the humming of the bees, birds and some crazy food!!…Dzongu is a protective land and we know best where the Gem lies in this place.

The Great Silk Route with a Twist

7 day tour


This Silk route has been in history for many years for its trade as well as the famous Indo China –war. Today it’s a border tourist point, but our ride will be more than just taking you to Nathula. We have more to explore and we insist on it…the way the tour has been designed is to give you a mix of adventure with a mission to make you feel and understand the history of the place, taking you to some hidden points in between which will enthral you by its beauty by the time we end the tours.

The off-road extreme Adventure

7 day tour


You like the crazy shit! …We have routes laid out for you! Since Sikkim is divided into 4 different zones, each district has beautiful off trails and we would love to take you to each route and enjoy the crazy rides! Don’t be surprised if you enter Nepal while doing this extreme road! It’s meant for people who wish to push their limits and get naughty with their machines.

Luxury Rides Adventure



So you don’t have a issue with budget? This gives a freedom to showcase the best of the best hospitality and great offerings that we have in our kitty! We have numerous places which provide the most authentic Sikkimese Hospitality which is beyond imagination. Away from the crowd, experience every second of this tour among the nature and mountains with a luxurious comfort and ensure on getting the best assistance all through the tour, with a personalised English speaking guide right from  your pick up till we end this beautiful tour. Be ready to be pampered!!

be our guest


open plan


So you don’t need a guide, you just need the bikes and logistic support for your bunch of friends who wishes to ride together! Be our guest! We will hand out all the required machines, permits and information for your journey and provide you with a helpline number in case of any assistance required during the journey. Hotel bookings, Bike rentals and permits will be the priority.


We have a full fleet of well serviced Himalayan and X-Pulse motorcycles at your disposal which is available to rent anytime.

Why Ride with us?

We curate the best off-beat bike tours within Sikkim

RIDE with the LOCALS

Nothing can beat going to a place and hanging out with the locals. You get the insights into the culture and places which you normally wouldn't


We have recced all over Sikkim and have curated these routes which encompasses all our core values of nature, adventure, culture and fun


We arrange well serviced motor bikes and we choose and recommend bikes based on what you like and what is good for the terrain

Accomodation AND FOOD

Enjoy our hand-picked places to sleep and eat, which not only provides you with comfort but also a satisfying cultural and a culinary experience


One of our key focuses is on safety and we always ensure safety of all our riders. We have experienced riders who will always be there to guide and have connects all over the routes for any kind of help


Being a restricted area in India, Sikkim can be a bit daunting with permits. But we will ensure none of that bothers you as we manage all permits required for both Indians as well as foreigners

partners we have worked with

The High Mountain get Together
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